Wyoming Agreement State

How many states are currently in the state program agreement? On the basis of the Commission`s instruction, the NRC staff concluded that criterion 30c. was met as follows: the Commission could conclude the procedure for the final set of applications for the agreement, including the publication of the proposed agreement for opinion, noting that the Commission`s assessment of compatibility depends on the review of this provision by the State of Wyoming in the next Parliament. to be compatible with AEA Section 83b (1) (A). Thus, an agreement could be implemented, but it would include a provision that the State of Wyoming has until the end of the 2019 legislature to amend the status of Wyoming Section 35-11-2004 (c) to be compatible with Section 83b (1) (A) of Wyoming, or the agreement is terminated without further action by the NRC. The agreement also expressly states that NRC will reject any request from the State of Wyoming to terminate a license proposing to dismember ownership of the by-products and its disposal site between the state and the federal government. NRC staff found that the practical risk is low that Wyoming`s current legal provisions will lead to the diversion of the 11th (2) derived materials from the country, as NRC is required to review and approve any termination of a state-proposed uranium mill licence. Wayne Heli, CEO of Peninsula Energy, said the formalization of Agreement State`s status was good news for his company, which in December 2015 began operating under isL at its Lance Projects in Wyoming and embarked on a low-pH operation. By eliminating dual approvals by public and federal authorities, the State Agreement approach will lead to more effective regulatory processes for both the state of Wyoming and its uranium producers, he said. The state of Wyoming has stated that it is opposed to the acquisition of regulatory authority at the ANC site, as the licensee is insolvent.

In order to address the State of Wyoming`s proposed exclusion from the ANC site of the proposed agreement, NRC SECY-17-0081 staff provided „status and resolution of problems related to the transfer of six disused uranium mill sites to the State of Wyoming“ (ADAMS membership number). ML17087A355) to the Commission. In SRM-SECY-17-0081 (ADAMS-Members-No. ML17277A783), the Commission approved the recommendation of NRC staff to maintain the authority to regulate the ANC site and stated that the Commission`s maintenance of the ANC site „does not alter the current policy of the State party to the Commission, but is an exception to this policy on the basis of specific facts.“ Article II.A.14. the proposed agreement provides that the Commission retains the power to regulate the ANC licence.