Tutoring Service Agreement

a. 1. Blocking – My account is unlocked 1 week after the suspension date. b. 2. Blocking – My account is unlocked 1 month after the suspension date. c. 3. Blocking – My account is disabled and my online support agreement is automatically terminated.

Design your support agreement to provide a detailed description of the services offered. This description must be good and written. In addition, it should be easily accessible to all students who wish to work with you. All the information contained in the catch-up agreement is essential, as most service contract disputes are based on the scope of the contract. The more you are able to conclude your contract, the less likely you are to experience litigation problems now or in the future. The description of the service also includes teaching time. How long does a lesson last, 45 minutes or 60 minutes? Below is a simple catch-up agreement. If you like this support agreement, use a PDF note app and fill out your contact information, fees and payment details. Remember, this is just a pattern. Edit and add details using a PDF editor to tailor it to your support needs and services. In our sample tutor contract below, we offer other options among some of the paragraph titles that you can edit in your words program to compile a variety of sample tutoring contracts.

PROVISION OF ONLINE ENGLISH TUTORIAL SERVICES – I guarantee that I can offer quality online quality against English Courses/Individual Courses on the Learntalk platform and that I am fully qualified to offer such services based on my training, support skills and/or work experience. I agree to work from home or somewhere else with my own computer with a LAN cable that offers a minimum Internet connection of 5 Mbps to provide my tutoring services. I agree that every lesson I do should be recorded from start to finish on the Learntalk platform to track the follow-up, follow-up and compensation goals for the Learntalk administration. I agree that Learntalk is not held responsible for costs directly or indirectly related to my use and maintenance of my computer, Internet, video conferencing, hardware, software or other related means or materials related to the provision of my support services. BACKGROUND – For the services I have provided, I agree that withdrawals should be made manually on the 15th and end of each month at the rate assigned to me for each successful 25-minute catch-up session.