Syngenta Trait Agreement

Syngenta is currently implementing an agreement to meet all of the technology requirements listed above. Agrisure battery feature can also be optimized as the organic water of hybrid agriculture, as indicated by the letter „A.“ The same stewardship requirements apply, which also requires a trust agreement. What qualities do you want to have of your new varieties? Check out what`s available here… Syngenta today announced an extension of licensing cooperation with KWS and Limagrain and their joint ventures AgReliant and Genective. The new agreement has a construction period of 20 years and includes AgReliant`s North American business and the individual operations of both companies outside North America. As part of this agreement, Syngenta will grant global rights to its current and future portfolio of genetically modified maize properties. Syngenta receives a down payment of $200 million, as well as future licensing fees and milestone payments, based on regulatory approvals. Hagen Duenbostel, CEO of KWS SAAT SE, said: „As an independent seed company, our greatest desire has always been to provide the best products to the farmer. With this renewed agreement, we will be able to meet the requirements of our customers, based on the global power of our corn keimplasmas and a wide range of competitive properties of genetically modified maize that provide sustainable solutions. In addition, the agreement allows Genective to continue its open architectural strategy, combining its own GM corn characteristics with the main industry feature platforms. „The Enlist system of new features and advanced herbicides with Conkesta is the most complete and effective line of weed and insect control.

We are pleased to be licensing these innovative technologies based on our strategy to ensure wide availability for U.S. farmers who need this technology to further increase their productivity,“ said Joe Vertin, Global General Manager, Enlist Weed Control System, Dow AgroSciences. „We will now have the opportunity to incorporate these properties into our genetics to provide breeders with additional seed and characteristic options with greater genetic diversity,“ said Jeff Rowe, Syngenta President of Global Seeds and North America, „This is another step toward fulfilling our commitment to improve our seed supply and ensure continued choice for breeders.“ Syngenta announced today that it has entered into non-exclusive licensing agreements with Dow AgroSciences LLC and M.S. Technologies, L.L.C. for the Enlist E3 soy beans event in the United States, Canada and Latin America and conkesta Enlist E3-Stack in soybeans in Latin America, with options for global rights for both. Syngenta has also entered into a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Dow AgroSciences regarding the global rights to the Enlist event in corn. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Syngenta is a leading agricultural company that contributes to improving global food security by enabling millions of farmers to make better use of available resources.

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