Standard Inflight Catering Agreement (Sica)

The ACA is committed to promoting the collective interests of its members and building a reputation for the restaurant industry. Given the growing awareness of the industry`s contribution to flight and the wider economy, it is essential for airline caterers to influence and share this story – personally, through the media, on social media or at industry meetings. The volume and weight of legislation in the food and aviation sectors continues to increase. The ACA ensures that its members are not passive regulators, but actively participate in the development of new rules and regulations relevant to on-board gastronomy. If you join the ACA, you can ensure that your voice is heard when the future of our industry is discussed. The ACA is the world`s leading network of organizations and individuals that shape the aviation foodservice industry and encourage positive change from within. Airline caterers are an important player in the aviation industry and together we have the know-how to make positive changes in areas such as food waste, safety, safety and the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions. Together, we are strong enough to meet the key challenges facing our industry, from employee retention to industry standards. Full members are caterers who provide air catering services and who have legal personality in accordance with the laws and practices of their country of origin.

To read or download the standard airline service agreement e-book, you must create a free account. Associate members are companies that provide services to airline caterers and/or have another significant interest in the catering activities of airlines. On-board catering is a fascinating industry. Prepared on the ground and served in the clouds, we serve meals that stand up to gravity and meet the most complex gastronomic and logistical challenges. And we are in a race to the top, with the aim of serving better and shabby food, while maintaining high safety standards – and thus effectively combining the strict rules of two different sectors.