Sample Subaward Agreements

It is the responsibility of the ADMINISTRATOR of IP/Departmental Research Administrators to monitor the progress of a subcontractor. The first step is to read and understand the sub-price document. Make sure you understand what the sub-receiver should do under the terms of the agreement. If you have any questions about these requirements, please contact sPO. This subaward sample was created to assist in the issuance of fixed-rate subawards to registration offices as part of NIH-funded clinical/clinical research studies. Please note that this example should only be changed if required by your NIH price. 2. Is a sub-receiver form required when a subaward is proposed with another UC campus? Conducts more rigorous risk assessments at the institute and project level for new and ongoing subawards. Documents the major changes in 2015 to the current provisional fixed-rate clinical research sample. Questions they ask before the inclusion of a sub-price in a proposal: documents the substantial changes from 2017/8 to 2019 sub-prime models. Change of model to include UG in existing subawards – to be used when the main auction for PTE uniform Guidance (UG) is submitted and an amendment must be issued to sub-receivers whose initial agreement is subject to the previous OMB circulars. This modification model will cause UG to flow to the sub-receiver. Forms must also be used for rewards that are not included in the form at the proposal stage.

When UC Berkeley investigators request sub-primes in the award phase, the Subrecipient Commitment Form or the FDP Pilot Subrecipient Project Information must be completed and signed by an authorized institutional representative of the sub-recipient at the time of award. Please note that these models may be reviewed in accordance with your institution`s guidelines and in accordance with the terms of the federal contract, the type of organization of the subcontractor and any specific project requirements. The IP sets the date on which the outsourcing should be changed. Common reasons for changing a difference are the granting of additional resources, extending the period of service, or changing the report plan. It is important to note that some changes, such as the magnitude. B work changes, changes to the principal auditor of the sub-premium recipient or the transfer of the sub-premium from one recipient to another may require the prior approval of the primary sponsor. The necessary changes are made by the IP in BFS. The amount of funding and the duration of the agreement are indicated on a request to amend the „Existing subcontracting“ form and the form is forwarded to OPH.

OPH then changes the sub-prime. Field names, locations and uses for all data fields in different sub-prime models. The process of monitoring a subcontractor begins at the proposal stage. Pi receives the proposal for the potential sub-price to participate in the project and proposes to include the volume of work and budget in the main proposal to the promoter. Pi also receives the sub-receiver`s engagement form or information sheet on the PPF subcontractor`s project and sends it to the OPS with the main proposal.