Fao Headquarters Agreement

In view of the above, the Italian government, by Law 506 of 3 November 1988, has generously agreed to take over and finance a project to build additional housing on the Terme di Caracalla site. The restructuring of the Caracalla complex will help solve the problem of adequate accommodation for the future. However, in the meantime, the organization is still renting additional offices on the private market to meet its temporary requirements for accommodation in headquarters and could be placed in a similar situation at some point. I have the honour of referring to the discussions that have taken place between the representatives of the Italian government and this organisation on the extension of the boundaries of the headquarters of the organization because of its occupation of land and buildings for its institutional purposes which are not covered by the current definition of headquarters. Bilateral agreements adopted under Article 15 of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, which call for agreements between the treaty`s governing body and the International Agricultural Research Centres of the Advisory Group for International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), in which there are ex situ collections of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture of fiduciary origin. Recognising this situation, the Italian government has generously granted the organization, over the past seventeen years, a special contribution intended in part to offset the costs of renting additional seats borne by the organization. However, we are convinced that the possibility of temporaryly pursuing these special contributions will require the creation of an appropriate legal basis for the payment of these contributions. Howeyer, this accommodation proved insufficient and it was necessary for the organization to rent more offices on the open market in order to provide suitable housing for its headquarters employees. The headquarters agreement signed in Washington on 31 October 1950 shows that adequate arrangements are being made to meet the needs of FAO`s new headquarters as part of the Organization`s development.

For this reason, Article I, Section 1, Point f) (ii) while detailing in Appendix A of the agreement the land and buildings within the scope of the concept of „central seat“, in particular the conclusion of complementary agreements, including other lands or buildings, within this scope. In accordance with these provisions, the Italian government has generously made additional offices available to the organization over the years.