Consortium Agreement University Of Arizona

The 15-year contract is automatically renewed for up to two years of five years, unless one of the parties chooses not to renew the contract. The contract can be terminated free of charge after seven years if the net income from tuition and fees collected in the current fiscal year is less than $400 million. The University of Arizona has issued the purchase and sale agreement with Ashford University to create a new non-profit online institution called the University of Arizona Global Campus. A consortium contract is a contract. If the authorization is approved, you must meet certain conditions. Please read carefully all the terms of your current program: If you receive any of the types of rewards below, these will only be prorated on the basis of your ASU registration status (union credits do not count). Please read the full census policy to get details of how premiums are awarded pro-rata based on your registration. All messages related to the consortium agreement process will be sent to your ASU email address. The consortium agreements allow ASU graduates to participate in financial assistance programs while simultaneously participating in the ASU and another accredited university.

ASU reserves the right not to enter into a consortium agreement if, in the opinion of ASU Financial Aid and Scholarship Services, this consortium agreement was administratively unaffordable. Consortium agreements contribute to additional financial assistance, not to the postponement of loans. The consortium agreement form is available from the Office of Student Financial Aid. The student should complete the student field and forward the consortium agreement to his academic advisor for approval and refer him to Financial Aid for review. Student Financial Aid will process and manage all financial assistance to the student in accordance with its policies and procedures, and the host institution undertakes not to provide financial assistance to the student registered under this agreement. Financial assistance is provided to the host institution. The student receives all portions not used as a refund. Send your official transcript for non-parents at the end of each semester of the consortium contract to NAU Admissions. Find out how much your other tuition for an official transcript and the corresponding budget. Approval of a new contract may be delayed until your transcript is received. A financial support agreement is a contract between a student and the University of Northern Arizona (NAU) that allows the student to obtain financial assistance from NAU (mother institution) to pay and earn hours of credit at the NAU or at another university or university (non-mother). The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA) treats agreements on the basis of defined criteria.

In addition to the eligibility conditions below, students applying for a consortium contract may not receive more than 64 transfer credits. The exceptions are: 90/30 interdisciplinary studies, RN/BSN, dental hygiene and other NAU programs that transfer more than 64 credits to NAU studies. There is no transfer limit for students taking non-parent courses at Arizona Western College.