Cme Derived Data Agreement

From pricing our benchmark futures and options products to exciting insights powered by non-traditional data sources to fast, flexible and secure access, you`ll find everything you need to harness data performance and potential. Analyze current and historical Bid-Ask spreads, book depth and the cost of trade statistics for CME Group products. With 24-hour liquidity data, customers can benefit from new trading opportunities around the world. Take advantage of our leading data solutions that enable you to meet your business, research, compliance and risk management requirements. Create and refine your trading strategies with our QuikStrike tools. Review historical data from bulk trade, download 12 months of scheduled expiration, and find more information waiting in the data, and more. Browse our data policies and improve your understanding of education policies and resources. CME Group`s market data team provides individuals and businesses with access to real-time, deferred and end-of-day data for CME Group`s markets. More than 200 distributors have the right to distribute CME Group`s market data in real time. Individuals and businesses can access real-time, deferred and daily closing data through a licensed distributor, trading and market overview data for the futures and options markets.

In addition, some distributors offer a variety of value-added services such as graphic, analytical and historical data. Access the industry`s most robust datasets from our global benchmark markets across all major asset classes. Access market data directly from CME Group via our market data platform (CDM), which enables high-yield message transmission and is designed for scalability and flexible redistribution of market data information. Choose your market data format and network connection type. The CME Group offers licensing opportunities to use our future premium and options market data in a way that will increase the value of your current offerings. The CME Group provides non-traditional data that will help you get ahead of our market. Using data from third-party sources, including satellite images, predictive analytics or market mood as an implicit measure of volatility, alternative data provide you with a comprehensive overview of CME Group`s markets. All our offers are tested to ensure correlation with our reference products.

Use CME Group`s market data to develop and develop new products, services and solutions that can grow your business and improve your customers` needs.