Citrix Education Agreement

Sign up once for a single, simple online agreement that allows you to set pre-conditions for all Citrix purchases. Affordable licenses for qualified government, educational and non-profit organizations Save 40 percent when purchasing a Citrix product for the duration of your contract. Practical and inexpensive options for qualified educational institutions. Program Simplicity Sign up once for a single, simple agreement that covers all legitimate Citrix products to simplify your supply of Citrix products in your business, now and in the future. (i) schools organized and run exclusively for educational purposes, such as correspondence schools, junior colleges, universities, universities, scientific or technical institutions accredited by associations accredited by the Ministry of Education and/or local education authority that teach the student as a top priority, or the regional, regional or public administrations of the above, when the offices are organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes; Or the education license program makes it easy and affordable for educational institutions to fully use Citrix products in their organizations. The program is made available to educational institutions; Note that publicly funded educational institutions in EMEA and Brazil can use the Government and Government Education License Agreement Program (gela). Citrix products are available for your implementation and use under license or online service under the terms of use that you accept when submitting an order under this paragraph, as well as, if necessary, when installing products or putting it into service. Licenses are delivered with click-wrap products, while terms of use are provided as a web link when a service is first set up and/or as a link on the service site. Your licensed Citrix dealer can clarify the licensing and service models for the Citrix products you are interested in. If you would like to see all current licenses and terms of use, including current maintenance, assistance, warranty and advice, please click here: These are part of these program conditions, apply to your use of products and services and must be verified before purchase. You cannot transfer or transfer a license or service without Citrix`s prior written consent, unless you transfer or transfer the license or service authorization to a rightful person or as a result of a merger, corporate restructuring or sale or transfer of all or part of your assets, in which case you must notify Citrix. Note that service racks can only be available directly from Citrix.

Practical options for publicly funded educational institutions in certain markets. Citrix occasionally updates these product conditions and/or licenses. If we do, we will also revise the „Last Review“ date above under the program conditions and/or the corresponding product licenses. The changes only apply to your purchases on the change date or the change date. You don`t have to make additional purchases if you don`t agree with the updated terms.